Little Tommy's Big Day

By Clark, Ryan, Matt, Sophie, Avery, Kirsten, Malcolm, and Will

I watched as Little Tommy came in the room. Watched as he swayed back and forth like a top that had been spinning for too long.

I listened as he yelled at me for being an awful father and I listened as he yelled at me for spending all of our money on Cheese and Bronze Goblets.

I smelled it as he took a shit on the rug and then tried to shit in the sink but couldn’t because he was too drunk and also shitting twice in 30 minutes

is super aggressive.

I hated little Little Tommy Chen. I hated myself too. But most of all, I hated the wine. That poison flowed from every faucet in the country since our

communist government passed strict laws imposing taxes on all citizens who didn’t contribute to the wine industry so we could escape the stranglehold the

west had on our decadent upper class.

I felt alone. Our whole nation did. David Cameron had put it best: “A grape wall had risen along China’s borders.”

Years later Tommy had grown to a man, I had to respect that. For all that had happened, he hadn’t lost his sense of childlike play.

He would sit for hours meditating, controlling small objects with his mind and creating vivid mirages out of smoke depicting himself dying

in various fantastical ways, like reverse decapitation and rectal lobotomies. The closer he had come to manhood, the more I had grown to fear him.

Was he too powerful now? Too much the super being I had trained him to be? In the dark, private moments of the night, I felt as though he was an

all seeing eye, studying me as I slept, and though I knew it may be impossible, I had to try to kill him and save this world from my own hubris.

I organized the case-file sprawled across my living room table, hoping that some break, some miraculously obvious, but unnoticed detail would

lead me to Tommy’s location, but the guy’s technique was airtight; I should know. I’m his daddy. I pulled my backpack over my shoulders,

and slipped into the night. The air had a certain thickness to it that night, and a cloying mist crept from the squalor of The Charles,

clinging to my throat, and making me sick. I hit the end of my street, and hung a right towards Adolf Schmitler Memorial Hospital.

ONce there, I decided to start a fire. It was the best distraction available to me. I watched as chaos unfolded. Patients’ bandages were alit,

extremely flammable (that’s not safe, dude).People got stuck in the elevator. It totally sucked.

That’s when I got my chance! I ran up the staircase, panting, til’ i got to the fifth fllor. There I was able to rescue the princess.

That would finally prove that I was a good father.

I jumped out the window while holding her, using bedsheets as a rope to descend, we made it to the bottom. With princess in hand, my plan was in place.

And with that, the hunt for tommmy went on. I realized where I would find him, a place where our wine government could never reach.

I ran back to my house and stepped in the Bargarimo 1500. The mind-machine. Through there I looked inside my own fucking head, past my sick, WW2

esque thoughts, into the place where I knew I would find him. There, on the indigo plateau of my mind, Stood Tommy. He looked at me, sword in hand,

and smiled and said.

“The Agressive Reckoning has come”

I roared. I knew I would penetrate him. It was to be.

I raised my blade and plunged forward towards the levitating , mind controlling bastard. His reign would end NOW.

I sank my blade into his bold chest. I felt his soul shatter, and my penis twitched. I knew I had won.

The battle was over but the war had just begun. The internal war within my own mind, with and against the Bargarimo 1500, which had slowly taken

control of my mind like computer virus takes control of your desktop right after you manually disable norton antivirus. Bargarimo 1500 appeared

in the shape of a beautiful ebony woman with shapely Bakstran buttocks and deep blue Dowley eyes. She was hideous to me, sickening physically

and I wretched like that one time when I ate too many red vines at the movie theatre while watching 2 Fast 2 Furious. And she screamed down at me

and I felt small and weak like when Dad yelled at me for not finishing supper. And I remembered that one time, one time long ago I loved little

Timmy as my own son, and that I had failed him the same way my dad had failed me. And I cried and explained this to Bargarimo 1500 who listened quietly

and cried a single tear. She explained that she was touched by story and would let me snap back to reality, whoops there goes gravity, if I can complete

but one last test.

I floated up past buildings, above the boston. As terrifying as it was, it was also so beautiful. I could see the whole city, Adolf Schmitler Memorial

Hospital. The charles. Moseph Stalin Memorial Hospital. Bearman Chao Memorial Hospital. Pizza Boy Memorial Hosptial. Thank god we had so many

hospitals because we were going to need them. I floated until the air thinned and as I took my last breathe I woke up. Realizing this whole thing was a test

taking place in tommys mind because he had invented a Bargarimo 1501, and was testing me to make sure he could beat me. He lauighed and laughed and I knew

I had lost, but in a realer sense I knew i had won… a father i had won

the end?